In Zambia today, many elderly people find it difficult to make ends meet especially those in informal employment and those that do not have a family to look after them. Mr. Sakala is one of the elderly people in such a case. Aged 82 years old and with no family to look after him, he struggles to make money through repairing shoes for students at the University of Zambia where he is based. He starts his work as early as seven o’clock in the morning and ends at seventeen hours when he goes to his home in Kalingalinga compound. Before he leaves for home, he leaves behind all the tools he uses for his work which he hides on a sit covered with black plastic. Mr. Sakala has no holiday from his work and as such he works every day of his life.

Tendai Kadyamoto, student at Department of Mass Communication UNZA, Zambia, 2014.