Marjory Kaizemis Story about the Chicken Dish in Namibia



This dish is home brewed and it represents tradition. The ingredients such as onions and tomatoes are planted in the back yard. I chose this dish out of my others because of three main reasons.
What it symbolizes. In the Oshiwambo tradition, this dish symbolizes unity, love, family, friendship and showing gratitude. It is prepared for all sorts of celebrations. it is about celebrating achievements in life, weddings, the birth of a new born (baby) and so forth. It is about coming together as family and friends. I would love to have this dish at my wedding one day.
For what it symbolizes. People coming together laughing, sharing stories, create memories over a juicy traditional chicken dish.
Namibia ist a very diverse nation and yet there is unity. Love amongst one another, understanding of the different tribes and friendship.
To me this dish represents my Namibia.

Marjory Kaizemi,
1st year student of Communication and Information Technology at the Polytechnic of Namibia.