Situated in the outskirts of the capital city of Namibia, Agstelaan is home to quite a number of citizens. The status here varies; you will find middle income and low-income residents. Both workers, students, learners and those who spend the whole day at home, find shelter under the shacks of the dusty but home to many.
My name is Julia Kamarenga, and I live in Agstelaan. I came to Windhoek to further my studies. Having no job that could guarantee me proper accommodation, I chose to live in Agstelaan. I love it here, the environment and the friendly and relative neighbors.
Life here is not easy though. Having to fetch water from about half a kilometer away everyday, since we use public water taps, is not an easy task.
The sounds of yelling school children and hooting taxis, communicate the dawn of a new day in the neighborhood.
There are several shacks around, some small, some big and built with different building materials according to the affordability of the residents.
Whatever type of a shack one has, we proudly call it home.
This is my home, it provides me with the comfort and warmth any home would give to the owner. It is in this that a whole lot of activities take place. I call it 4in1. I call it so because in here, I have my kitchen right on the right side as I enter, and on the left is the sitting room. The bedroom and the bathroom are in this mighty shack as well.

Julia Kamarenga, 1st year student of Communication and Information Technology at the Namibia University of Science and Technology NUST in Windhoek, 2011.